How to Clean Your Room in 10 Simple Steps

by marcus_s

How to Clean Your Room in 10 Simple Steps

How long should it take to clean a roomIf you haven’t done any house cleaning in your McCormick Ranch home recently, it can add to your everyday stress, lead to anxiety, and even cause lower quality of sleep. On the other hand, a clean and neat living space helps you relax and feel comfortable when taking a nap or having some leisure time in it. Best of all, all it takes to have a dirt-free room is a few quick housekeeping tasks. They won’t take up much of your time and can turn any of your rooms into an inviting, organized environment.

Therefore, when your life starts to become hectic, you can bring some peace back by allotting a small time slot to cleaning your room. To simplify the process, we’ve broken the job down in 10 steps you’ll easily be able to follow. Read on for some handy cleaning tips!

How long should it take to clean a room?

Cleaning a room consists of several tasks. To get a clean and comfortable room, you need to get rid of dust from the area, make the most of your vacuuming efforts, and change the sheets regularly. You also need to declutter the place. With that in mind, how long should cleaning a single room last?

The answer depends on many factors, such as whether it’s your or your kids room, the size of the place, the amount of clutter, and how often you clean it. For instance, you can clean a room in just 10 minutes if you wash your sheets, dust, sweep, and vacuum daily. In other cases, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour.

What are the 10 steps to cleaning your room?

Here’s how to clean your room in 10 quick steps:

1. Take out the trash

Pick up the trash around your room and empty your wastebasket.

2. Pick up your dirty clothes

Scour your floor to pick up any dirty clothes and place them in your hamper.

3. Put away your clean clothes

Fold and put away your clean laundry lying around the room. Tuck pants and shirts and other items into your dresser drawers.

4. Strip the bed

Remove the pillowcases, sheets, and comforter. If your duvet has a cover, take off the cover and wash it with sheets to lower the number of allergens.

5. Declutter

Put small objects on your desks, dressers, and vanities back where they belong.

6. Wipe surfaces

Wipe down the table tops and tackle the legs of your chairs, as well as fronts of nightstands and dressers.

7. Dust light fixtures and curtains

Curtains, lampshades, light fixtures, and window treatments collect dust as much as other objects in the room. Dust them with your duster or vacuum on its low settings.

8. Wipe down mirrors and windows

Use a streak-free cleaning agent to wipe down mirrors, glass-paneled doors, and windows.

9. Sweep or vacuum

If you have a hardwood floor, remove and vacuum your rug before sweeping the floor. Whether you’re sweeping or vacuuming, don’t forget to reach as far under your bed and other furniture as possible.

10. Remake the bed

Use spare sheets while the dirty items are in the washer. Once the laundry is ready, replace the duvet cover over the comforter and finish making the bed.

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