Dogs In The House? 6 Tips To Keep Your Floors Mess-Free!

by marcus_s

Dogs In The House? 6 Tips To Keep Your Floors Mess-Free!

Getting a dog means having a loyal and loving friend who will be with you as long as you take good care of it. However, you’ll also have dirty and messy floors more often than you would like.

So it may seem impossible to keep your floors clean when having dogs. Fortunately, this isn’t really true! Here you’ll find the solution to dirt, pet dander, and even accidents on your floor to keep it clean for longer! 

Tip #1. Groom your dog regularly

Brushing and caring for your dog’s fur keeps them healthy and, by extension, will make your cleaning chores easier.

With this in mind, brush your pet frequently (how often varies depending on the dog), and give them a good bath (it also varies) to keep their shedding at a minimum. Soon you’ll notice the results on your dog’s fur and the floor! 

Tip #2. Went for a walk? Clean your dog’s paws

After going for a walk, your feet and your buddy’s paws are filled with dust and dirt. You, being a human, know how to clean your soles at the entrance; your dog being, well, a dog, could use a little help.

So, grab a clean cloth, dampen it, and wipe your dog’s paws (don’t forget between the toes!). You can also get special pet wipes or alcohol-free towels to avoid drying their paw pads. 

Cleaning paws will take a few minutes, but you’ll spare yourself the hassle of cleaning your floors later!

Tip #3. Clean up accidents ASAP

Tackling dirty spots is much easier when fresh, especially regarding your dog’s little accidents. For example, pee could get deeply ingrained into the surfaces if not cleaned immediately—not to mention it will stench your whole house, too!

As soon as you notice one of your dog’s “presents,” bring your cleaning supplies to clean them ASAP. However, the cleaning process and products vary depending on where the accident happened. So, keep it in mind to ensure the best results.

Tip #4. Pick a specific place to feed your dog

If your dog acts like a bulldozer through the house whenever it’s time to eat, you can at least limit the mess to one area only.

We recommend you set a corner for your furry friend to eat. The walls will work as a barrier to avoid the mess spreading, so you’ll only need to grab a dustpan and quickly sweep the crumbs when they finish eating.

Note: Consider investing in a non-slip, silicone mat to place your pet’s food plates on. They are designed for easy cleaning and prevent spills from extending to your floor.

Tip #5. Consider investing in special cleaning tools

Many tools can make dealing with pet-related messes much easier, so don’t discard the possibility of getting one just yet! It can save you from many hours of repeatedly cleaning your floors.

For example, a pet vacuum cleaner, a lint roller, or a specialized grooming brush are perfect for reducing the time you’ll spend dealing with fur. On the other hand, if you don’t have much time to deal with the mess, a Roomba (or any autonomous vacuum cleaner) will suit you perfectly.

Is it too much hassle? Maid Easy will gladly clean your floors!

Finding time for anything else is hard when you have to work, take care of your dog, and do your other cleaning duties. So, let our professional cleaners tackle the mess on your floors and the rest of your house—100% satisfaction guaranteed!  Schedule your cleaning today.

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